When Truth Isn’t True

Our human minds put a great deal of stock in what is true. We find truth, or what we perceive to be true, and are willing to sacrifice everything to it. Interestingly enough we as human beings perceive truth in a way that always seems to bend to that which we are sympathetic. It is like knowing a person who consistently miscounts the change you will receive, but always in their favor.

I am not an actor, but it does fascinate me because in acting we study human behavior. If an actor takes on a character, they must portray their role as if they are the hero. This feeling of being right - of being chosen to be the hero - is more important than any opposing truth. A hero who fears truth becomes a bully, and no bullies are heroes.

The truth is, you can be right and wrong at the same time. Truth is not always true. Compromise is a slippery slope, and when we feel the end justifies the means we can become a warped version of ourselves.

Disillusionment is realizing that as true as some things seem, they may not represent ultimate truth. It feels painful because it carries in it something that we kept secret from ourselves. Truth is not true when we hide in our ignorance. No matter how right we are, it matters how we act. And that is the truth.

Drake PoweComment