Some Itches Should Not be Scratched

Contact with poison ivy can create a very unpleasant rash. If you succumb to the temptation to scratch it the rash spreads. Fear is like this. It is why in meditation practice it is said “be careful not to harbor fear.”

To harbor a thing is to give it safe haven, a place to thrive and grow. How do we create an environment for fear to thrive? And why is it so toxic? Fear is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques. What we focus on with intensity is drawn to us. By focusing on fear,. we create the very thing we want least.

It also attracts symbiotic qualities like hatred. What we fear we hate, and what we hate we fear. What we fear tends to hate us as well. Fear is a form of greed that is never sated, and always gives a good argument as to why it should be continued.

Resist the urge to scratch the itch. For the remainder of this year, focus on learning to calm and soothe yourself. You can then be the change you want to see.

Our natural state is calm and at peace. From this center we are powerful and use good judgement. It is found in the subtle, when we are relaxed. When we act from this place we say and do things that we feel good about. In the remainder of these forty days, be careful not to harbor fear!

Drake PoweComment