Success and feeling that you are on the right path for achieving it are crucial to becoming calmer and more grounded. Going from despair and anxiety straight into calm is extremely difficult to do. The confidence one earns through achievement makes calm more achievable.

Fortunately, our success does not come in the eyes of others. Self mastery occurs when we choose not to be slaves to our emotions. The ability to act even when one does not want to is key for self mastery. This is not to say we should bully ourselves. Acting with kindness in mind is essential.

I break my day into three sections, morning, afternoon and evening. In each part of the day I do grounding practice as well as an intentional step to touch my own edge. This consists of what I am worrying about or avoiding. It could mean doing something that scares me (like this!), or even a mundane task like cleaning the bathroom. Even cleaning your bathroom is a step to helping the whole world.

In the remainder of this forty days, choose success. Do not worry about depression or anxiety. Do the work. Calming practice, caring for yourself, and moving toward what scares you, all add up to success. Acting in this way connects us to our deepest selves. We find that success is not in what one does. Like the beauty of a blooming sunflower, you just have to be you.

Drake PoweComment