The Essence of Christmas is Kindness

I do not consider myself an adherent of any particular religious lineage. As an African American my cultural heritage is eclectic. I feel the same way about religious practice and study. I have always been interested in quenching my thirst, then, by whatever name water is called. I feel that all cultures offer something essential to the mosaic of the world. This is true of many religious traditions as well.

The tradition of Christianity holds its own unique place. It would seem that the best barometer of a faith is its founder. The teachings attributed to Jesus Christ offer one of the most beautiful spiritual paths known to humankind. Many Christians do not seem to practice the faith as he described it, but if lived as he modeled there can be little doubt that the very essence of this remarkable man's philosophy was the path of kindness.

Christmas, more than any other Christian holiday, finds itself expressed by the active application of kindness. He is said to have spoken of the human family. Kindness. Kin. Family. We are one human family, and kindness is important in all things.

I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I wish for you kindness all the days of your life, both given to you, and more importantly, from you toward the world in which you live. Kindness transforms. Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

Drake PoweComment