End It Well

I have read that there are two times people tend to quit in marathons; at the beginning, when they just get started, and when they see the end in sight. Seeing the end is not the same as crossing the finish line. The same thing happens in doing these 40-day practices.

These 40-day sessions are symbolic for life itself. Endings matter. Often, people are ready to give up on life before they have gone the full distance. When it is time to give up, you will know. Like leaves in fall, or the end of pregnancy, we transition when the time is truly right.

Even the last five minutes of life is important. End it well - learning, being inspired and teaching right to the very end. Especially at the end. Do not wait for someone else to shift this human consciousness. It only takes one of us to wake up, to wake us all. There will never be a moment when you can impact others more than at the end of your journey. Even when others think you have passed and you are in the last second, you matter to the whole.

So end these last few days of the year well. All the way to New Years Day...end this 40-day practice well. Make it a gift to your children (if you have them) and all those that you love. Make it a gift to the past selves that you have inhabited, all the way to your childhood self who was first traumatized by life. Make it a gift to your future self, all the way to your deathbed. Do not just look, see. Do not just hear, listen. If you do, you will be surprised at your wisdom and your kindness. Forty days...end it well.

Drake Powe1 Comment