Daily Recreation

It is easy in this time to feel overwhelmed and confused. We do not know what to do, and are frustrated and afraid. There is a simple answer to every question: recreation. Recreation. Re-creation. We tend to think of recreation as something fun, and it can be. However I am focusing on the rejuvenation elements of recreation. We returned refreshed, with access to new ideas.

Recreation occurs when our minds are completely in flow, completely overwhelmed to the point that we can not hold on to anything, not even the opinions we hold most dear. It happens in music, both playing and listening, if listed deeply enough.

It happens in sports, and can even happen an in ice cold shower. Anything that fully absorbs our attention can be potentially recreational. We know we have experienced recreation when we have a feeling of satiation or satisfaction. A good meal is recreational. So is a good book. On of the most recreational activities of all is meditation.

Keep it simple. Commit to recreation. Vary it. Sharpen your tools regularly so that you have multiple methods of recreation. Know that there is nothing more important in your life than daily recreation. Having enjoyed it you will be better at all you do, more resilient and more effective.

Your commitment to recreation will make the world a calmer place. It will connect you to your joy and the confidence that you can make a difference. It is the simple solution to any problem. That’s what this 40 days is all about

Drake PoweComment