Star Stuff

This is the truth. I have great power in my spiritual and meditation practice because I have truly needed it. I am an authentic teacher because I have called a truce with terror. I have called a truce with judgement. I have found purpose. I have found discipline. I have found study. I have found deliverance. I have discovered compassion as deep as the sea. I found that I am able to invite the spirit of genius into a space, not even necessarily in me, but with me. People who study with me often discover their genius.

I discovered out of the horror and the aftermath of childhood a desperate need for support and to support. In the experience of living on fire with fear, with the intense hatred of others, and the intense hatred of myself it felt as though I was living in a form of hell.

I searched with a veracious desperate passion, focused with an autistic level of intensity and discovered my own greatness. Not a greatness of superiority because, in my mind, we are all the Buddha. We are the Christ consciousness, blinded to itself. Each of us is the central star that lights the universe. We are star stuff. We are walking, breathing, living miracles. All of us.

My sense of our cosmic heritage gives me my incredible resilience. I am not consistently positive, but I am resiliently positive. I am like one of those candles that blows out, but immediately comes back on. I am inspired by the Samurai, and I am dedicated to being inspired to the end of this life and beyond. Knowing who we are, our value as a human race, I can only dedicate myself to the awakening of us all. Even those who to me appear evil. Kindness is all important. We are kind. We are kin.

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