Joy In Our Struggle

There is nothing in this world that in and of itself will bring happiness. No relationship, not children, and no career will fulfill our needs. It is a special kind of depression to achieve your dream job and to realize it does not make you happy.

It is like the old joke: A Man is looking for his keys under a light post. Another comes up and begins to help him look. After about fifteen minutes the good Samaritan asks, ” Are you sure you lost your keys here?” The other replies, "No. I lost them at home, but there is more light here.“ It is important to look for your keys where you lost them.

Knowing that nothing here can make you happy is also to know that nothing can permanently destroy your ability to find happiness. Happiness is elusive, sometimes unavailable. If we switch our search for happiness to experiencing joy we find a permanent source. It can be experienced in the most heartbreaking moments, such as the death of a loved one - and in the moments of our greatest happiness. Joy is a deep sense of meaning.

Consider Superman: When Superman is present, Clark Kent is present. When Clark Kent is present, Superman is present. You provide meaning. When you are present, meaning is present. When meaning is present, joy is present.

Nothing in this world will bring us happiness, but when we are present we find joy in our relationships, careers and children. We even find joy in our struggle. We find hope, and the will to keep going. We can rejoice.

Realize how powerful you are. There is an urgent need for you to connect with your power. Set the intention for a lifetime commitment to learning to be calm. Commit to touching the edge of your fear. Your success is there. We have 25 days left together. Let’s use them well.

Drake PoweComment