Light is said to be both wave and particle. In the life of practice we gradually come in contact with an underlying sense of order and rightness. Sometimes it feels like flow and sometimes it feels like rhythm.

When we are in contact with flow, we often say the right thing, or say nothing, which turns out to be exactly right. We find innovations and answers. We know what to do. We dance better, make love better, and feel more like ourselves. We feel in rhythm.

Flow is not just inside us, it is in everything. It is always there. You meet the right person at the right time, find the right book or blog. We build our conscious relationship by gradually building a connection to the subtle. When we can be in contact with the subtle in the midst of Intensity, we find flow.

All of life is in flow. It has it’s natural rhythms. When we can love ourselves as we are - and not who we used to be - we find flow. It is synchronicity when you think of a friend and they call, when you are writing and someone says the word that you write at the exact same moment.

When you find flow, you will find yourself. You are guided rather than trying to steer. In a process of surrender we open to change and become something new. It is positive vibration. It is flow. It is unconditional love.

Drake PoweComment