The Mailbox

When I learned how to ride a bike, I was afraid of hitting the mailbox.

It loomed large, cold and rusted.

Even as I rode forward my eyes stared at it.

As I rode, it seemed to come to life, to move toward me.


As I moved toward it.

For some reason,  I rode faster.

I was riding right toward, my greatest fear...

Hitting the mailbox.

Hurtling toward me, me toward it.

Making my fear my reality.


It is more effective if we focus on where we want to go, not where we strongly resist.

We clearly imagine the world, a place of mutual respect.

This moment, this very moment, the beginning of a new golden age.

Not held back or manipulated by the power brokers of the past.


I was able to tear my vision away from the mailbox.

I was able to tear my vision away from those that hate.

And to realize I was becoming one of them.

And to remember, it is best to ride with soft vision, seeing all, but focused on where you want to go.

Drake Powe1 Comment