So Very Beautiful

The challenges of a lifetime, in particular the challenges of the last few years have me feeling a bit worn. Seeing political leadership lie incessantly, the changes in nature, global warming, the damage we have done to the great source of life, the oceans, and the tribalism exhibited in the world have me feeling tired, deeply tired, bone tired.

We live in a unique time in human history, the living embodiment of what Andy Warhol predicted when he said that someday we would each be famous for fifteen minutes. This is happening now. Things are changing so fast that it puts us all under a strain that humans have ever known before. This all comes together to create what I would call Existential Exhaustion. For me it is the experience of being disappointed too many times.

Activating practice daily, connecting with others, pondering even a single line from a great teacher, and doing immersive practice throughout the day helps to get out of our head and into the moment. While truly present we recharge, and find a power that flows through us. It manifests as a resilient faith, rekindled no matter how many times it is blown out.

Once I saw a flower growing out of the sidewalk. Uncared for, unlikely, and yet so very beautiful. It was there in front of a coffee shop I frequented. It was amazing, growing out of circumstance that seemed impossible for it to thrive. It almost seemed a miracle

The worst of times create greatness. Any great person that can be pointed out, with a little investigation is found to have gone through a life shaking crisis that their greatness sprang from. Beauty that springs out of ugliness is all the more beautiful.

Drake PoweComment