Be Careful Not to Harbor Fear

Three major negative emotions are fear, hatred and greed. They blend into and become each other. They create a fracture - a world of good and bad people, a world without kindness.

Fear is the starting point. It is insidious, building in the back of our minds. Gradually we begin to resent that which we fear, and eventually we hate. Hate is a form of greed. Those that hate have an unquenchable thirst to destroy the object of their dark passion. They claim to be powerful, but only exist in the light of what they fear

Greed informs us that there is not enough. It is irrational. Like hatred, it cannot be satisfied. Even with a full belly, it needs more. You cannot have greed unless you have a perception of lack. If there is enough, there is no need. The truly powerful do not know greed. They have, and are, enough.

We manifest what we focus on with intensity. Hatred and greed are really variations of fear. To conquer fear is to conquer hate and greed. Fear has its purpose; to get us to move now. It is not a good operating system.

To paraphrase John F Kennedy, “Those who ride a tiger risk being inside of one.” It is not wise to keep such a dangerous pet. Be careful not to harbor fear.

Drake PoweComment