Intend A Change

When you buy a present online for an upcoming holiday, you are no longer concerned with it. You know you have it covered. If someone asks you if you have done your holiday shopping you say with confidence that it is done.

This is the way of intent. When you truly intend you have a sense of confidence and accomplishment that you can draw from- your certainty of the success. Intent is not a wish. It is not a hope it is intent. I do not hope my daughter will eat today, I intend it. As a result I walk with a level of self mastery- a willingness to sublimate other desires to this greater one.

If you intend greatness, some great accomplishment, you have something different about you as move through the world. High level Olympic athletes, truly great artists, and great, though not necessarily good, leaders all have this. Intend something great, and you will have great impact on those around you as you pursue it.

You can build your power to intend. It is like a muscle. Gradually building it, honoring it by keeping it sacred. Remember, if it is ruptured it can always be repaired. Start small, but with something that will make a big difference. A single change in one aspect of challenge. Intend it, Intend a change. Today.

Drake PoweComment