The Warmth Of Kindness

Often when I speak of hatred I speak of the heat of it. When we are filled with rage, we feel hotter and we become inflamed. However it is just as helpful when thinking of it in relation to cold. Hatred is cold. It is a bitter, biting cold that burns.

I describe it that way because of the callousness of those who drink of it. Hatred is a dark poisonous substance that makes a person feel strong, and develop an insatiable thirst for it. Those that drink deeply become monstrous with an insatiable greed and with hearts that become as cold as a dead star.

Hatred is cold , so cold that it creates a distinctly human illness in which we are cut off from our compassion. Compassion and kindness are the traits that make us fully human. To be kind, to recognize human kind as one family is to find something noble within ourselves. Kindness is realizing that we are more alike than different. It is found in re-spect; to look with fresh eyes unclouded by preconceived notions

To be kind is to be whole. It is a warmth that heals. Kindness helps us to feel compassion and empathy. The face of kindness shines and warms the world. Faces filled with hatred come with hardened hearts. They become twisted versions like the character Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings. Which would wish for yourself? The bitter cold of a heart filled with hate? Or the warm heart of kindness?

Drake PoweComment