It is easy to feel like the most important actions are being taken by those outside of ourselves, with powerful self centered individuals and groups making decisions based in greed and intolerance. However, perhaps each of us is the most important person, and the true fracture that must be healed is within us.

It is clear that there is a wave of separateness in the collective mind of humanity. Make no mistake, even as we are separate beings, we share a collective mind. As the infection of hatred and distress spreads and brings us all into a feverish state, it is up to us as individuals to interrupt this dis-ease, and make a difference today, right now.

Each individual day seems overrated, another day that makes no particular difference. Likewise our individual lives do not seem to really matter much. We hear of people, even famous people dying every day, and do not really notice the difference. Each day, each life is far more important than you would think. It is like climbing a latter, no particular rung feels that important, unless you miss it and your foot slips off. Each of us, and each day is of crucial importance.

You matter. Your anxiety, irritability and quickness to judge add to the fever. It is a collective fever. The global warming is occurring, but not just in the atmosphere of the planet, but in the collective mind. Like being inside a soap bubble that colors the whole world, we can change this. It is urgent that we do so. That you do so. Get busy, get inspired, set limits, but do not draw in the infection. Step up! Recognize your value, and how you can choose to live in and heal the inner split The inner world is just as important as the outer and we are all a part of you.

Drake PoweComment