Notes To A Friend

There was once a woman who felt a deep sense of loss. She had a very good friendship with an extremely rich person she grew up with. The rich friend came for a visit, and seeing how distressed her poor friend was, sent a servant to bring a treasure, a large black chest. The poor friend, knowing of the wealth of her friend felt that her prayers were answered.

Throwing open the chest, anxious to discover the riches within, she gazed at the contents. In the chest were old newspapers, toy and garbage. In frustration the poor friend screamed out. "All my life I have been disappointed!!" In frustration and anger at her rich friend for playing such a cruel joke, she slammed the lid shut. In doing so, a piece of the black chest's paint suddenly flew off. It gleamed of gold! She realized that the treasure was not what was in the chest, but the chest itself!

 In realizing that the chest was the treasure, suddenly all that it contained was transformed. She saw that what she had judged as deficient were really precious heirlooms. the toys were priceless antiques. The newspapers were collectors items. In realizing the value of the container she had discovered the value of the contents.

We are like this. our lives are the magical container. Not until we stop withholding the care that our lives deserve do we find what we truly value. You have to value your life without the  mercantile insistence that you receive what you want. You are all that you need. Once you do you will find riches beyond imagination!

Drake PoweComment