The Seduction Of Force

It is  important to realize that we are each in danger of attempting to force things in our lives. We are drawn toward force when we are afraid or filled with judgment. We feel drawn to it when we feel we have been disrespected. In the privacy of our own mind we feel that it is okay to develop resentments, and as we focus on them more they grow deeper and deeper...eventually becoming a form of hate. We are in even greater danger when we know we are right.

John F. Kennedy said: 'Those in the past who foolishly sought power by riding the back of a tiger ended up inside.” This vulnerability to feeling justified in the use of force is profound. Once we feel justified in our fever of judgment, we gradually feel more justified in our actions. When someone uses force on us we feel right in our sense of separateness.

I have a neighbor who did a 'hit and run' my car last winter, on the way to church. Feeling justified because she felt my car was too close to her driveway, she drove over the curb and hit the car. Now, when I see her, when I see the damage on the vehicle I feel the pull of judgment. If I let myself, I can begin having extremely negative thoughts and feelings toward her. This is especially true when I am already upset by what (else) I see people doing in the world.

This kind of thinking helps to spread conflict. I feel disrespected, and so I do something disrespectful. We feel more powerful when we are working against something. It is easier to hate evil. However hatred only breeds hatred, with someone else seeing us as the villain. Work for peace and set appropriate limits, not using force. You cannot wash away blood with blood, and you cannot end hatred by hating.

Drake PoweComment