Something New

The intention of this blog is about realizing that we are far more powerful than we think, and far more than we will ever know. It is about the fact that we as individuals can make a difference. Acting  with kindness and without focus on a return is its own reward.

So the point of this post is this: Why not try something new? Something so fresh, so radical  like punk music in 1976. That radical, but more. How about living your life as though this were the beginning? As though everything that ever happened was simple preamble?

This moment is page one and will always be page one even on the last day of our lives. This is the first moment and the truly radical suggestion is this: Why not focus dramatically on the positive, the elements that make you feel calm, the elements that make you prolific and creative?

I am suggesting at the very same time that you get really politically and socially active. Get involved. Help the world recreate itself. Just do not look for results for three months. Don’t worry about missing anything. At the end of the three months it will all be there; the same conflicts, the same corruption; angry people being angry. However, you will be different. You changing changes the world.

You can take a break dedicated to getting strong, to being calm, and to stimulating your confidence. In that time, get busy.  Read this blog as well as other sources. Ignite your inspiration. Meditate. Study. Connect in the community. For three months. Try something new.

Drake PoweComment