Do What It Takes

Often in working with clients I notice a background skepticism. It blocks people from being all in, giving everything they have. Even when fully engaged there is doubt. The doubting mind is not the mind that trusts. This knot at the base of our real self cannot be undone by half-measures. It requires a wholehearted commitment. We have to do what it takes.

This is not about blind trust. We do not follow a teaching that requires us to give large sums of money, or to disrespect ourselves in some way. However, if we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone, if we are not willing to look at how we operate, we can not make a practice work. There is something about the way we do things that is not working. Some of what is not working is in the realm of what we think is our greatest strength.

Throw your hat in the ring. Act as though what you do and what you think matters. If your consistent attitude were to spread throughout humanity would we be better or worse?  Live as though your joy is the seed of joy for the whole world. Do not wait. The world is starved for joy.

Focus in small ways, in being kind to your family, to people you meet in the course of the day.  Be politically active. Focus on the positive, but see everything. Act strongly, consistently, and from the core of your values. Your life is sacred. Do what it takes to shine into the world.

Drake PoweComment