We Got This!

I have been out of the mix of putting these posts up for a while now. I just want to express my gratitude as well as faith in you, and us as a people.. In this last period I have had to dig deep as I hold the space for the challenges of others even as I face my own. This life is wonderful. The challenges we are facing require us to dig deep, and find this faith. I am gradually uncovering my best self. This is happening because I truly need to access deeper layers of self. We all do.

There are many of us experiencing crisis during this time. The word “crisis” originally meat time of change. In our modern world it is seen as a bad thing. However crisis is also an opportunity. We can let go of outmoded beliefs and methods. We can discover our true selves, and find our purpose in life.

Thank you for the challenges you are meeting in your life. No one has to know about them, but in your process please know that I am stepping up to mine as well. It is not a surprise that we meet others having a tough time as. Many may be unreasonable and filled with ego. When a charged ego makes contact with us there is a high likelihood of challenging our ego as well. As they vilify us and take action steeped in self righteousness we begin to dislike them. They become the bad guy in our world. We then are in danger of self righteous behavior ourselves, and live in a world of conflict.

Don’t get it twisted, do not let someone else frame your world. You can set limits and still maintain your own vision of reality. We do it by focusing on where we want to go, and not in those who would draw us into their drama. Be careful of being mesmerized by the person or situation you are dealing with. Existential fatigue and eventually exhaustion come to us when we can not stop thinking about a situation.The gift of this time is our meeting our best selves. The challenge is that we can also find own narcissism. The best thing you can do about any challenge is to stay present right now. When you are charged and make a mistake, let it go. Be committed to the moment no matter what. We got this!

Drake PoweComment