A Letter To My Friends

I want to call up before anything the complete and utter certainty that we each will succeed in ways unanticipated.. We will be who we intend to be. I feel that truly knowing this will relieve some of the strain of working for our goals and connect us to the dance of becoming ourselves.

There is a balance between the between Olympic athlete type commitment that we all need and not stepping into shame based striving.

We are each capable of Herculean efforts. In fact we are built for them. We must use the right fuel as motivation. Each of us have a tendency of pushing too hard. You know what that causes? Hemorrhoids. We do not want spiritual hemorrhoids!.

This is all about the enlightenment. As we work to heal we can contain this powerful commitment We are sure to succeed. Let's stay strong and be earnest in our commitment. If we do we can die knowing we have already succeeded. Peace,

Drake PoweComment