The Second Week

If you are actively taking part in The 40-day Challenge, this is an important week. Last week was a gentle and kind assessment. In being who I normally am how much active practice do I devote to what I intend? If becoming calmer is an intention, how much practice did I devote to it? You might choose to focus on fitness or mindfulness, financial health, or becoming politically active.

Whatever the focus, add just a little heat to the process this week. Do not jump up. It is important that this is a slow process. Even if you are starting today, gradually build your discipline from now through the 40th day. This is not about perfection, but progress. It is also about feeling better now. If you build a slow and gradual commitment you will become more grounded on the journey.

Never forget that as important as goal setting is, the point of why we do these kinds of practices is to put ourselves in a mindset that helps increase our likelihood of enjoying life moment to moment. Awareness is always right now so we create a relationship to consciousness that works for us, and serves ourselves and our community. Giving consciousness this mission, we can then be about what we are here for; to be fully and truly in awareness.

The Mission - should you choose to accept it -  is to really offer yourself to being more actively present this week. See if you can have periods of time where you only focus on the thought “I AM.” It will direct you to the moment, and to the subtle. It is an unconditional statement and as such connects you to the unconditional relationship you have with yourself. It helps us to calm down and be kind. Give it a try this, the second week of The 40-day Challenge.

Drake PoweComment