Why Do This?

I feel that it is a good idea to consider why one would take part in this 40 Day Challenge. For me it comes to my experience in multiple areas, One is as a former athlete that it is a good practice to occasionally peak, to find what you are capable of and what training practices work best for you. In terms of calming practice it is helpful to observe yourself when adding a bit of intensity to your training. 

This creates a relationship to the intensification of practice that helps to simulate some of the challenging times of life. In focusing with kindness in gradually building one’s commitment to practice creates an area of life that we are in complete control of. We do the 40 days regardless of what we have going on in life. My clients often describe that their lives go better and that they feel more powerful in their lives as they do so. With each individual 40 day practice they grow to understand themselves better, and create a practice that is more available to them in the midst of crisis. With practice you get what you give. Each of the 40 day creates a bank that we can draw from during challenge.


In addition when doing one of these committed sessions you are helping others to do the same. It does not have to be much. Two minutes of silence focused on being present done consistently throughout the 40 days. Two minutes and you will create a palpable difference in your life, as well as help others with crisis at the same time. It is so easy, but keeping even a small focus over this time creates a big difference. 

Find what your edge is. Do not force it, make it a gentle process. Look for progress, not perfection. Over time, if you really do this, this practice will be pivotal in creating change beyond what you imagined capable. There will be many ways in which you come to understand how to motivate yourself, and what practices work best for you. If doing this 40 Day Challenge significantly made a difference in you world would you do it? If two minute a day for 40 days could change the life for you? Even the possibility is worth the effort. Why Not?

Drake PoweComment