Begin Again

Even after failing 10,000 times, begin again.  Do what you feel is right. It may take a different approach, but the most important thing is to follow the path that has a heart.  Others may tell you that you are impractical or a fool, but do not let this throw you off. Begin again.

If you take on the warrior’s heart you will have to be strong.  This does not mean you will not experience self doubt, but you can not forget the moments of lucidity.  The main thing is the main thing. Do not forget it. Do not lose your way swimming through the opinions of others.  Follow your path. It is there, in your warrior's heart.

Have the courage to be afraid. Do not let fear throw you off your path. Success is making a difference to even one person. Success is in not looking for validation. It is not in outcomes, but in output. Strike now, with all that you have. 

Begin again,  Try something different.  Try it the same way. Find the passion, the fire to do it again for the first time, but do it in the calm and cool of a lifetime commitment.  A commitment to seeing and being your path. Even after the 10.000th time. Begin again.

Drake PoweComment