Get Inspired!

This is one of the most inspired periods of my life. It makes me want to share with others why that is so. Many people feel like they get inspired during the most fun periods. I feel that inspiration is drawn out of us by our greatest challenges.

In my history of being inspired I found that it came at some of my darkest times. I became inspired because I was not going to make it if I didn't. The most challenging times of my life eventually lead me to my strength, and my purpose in this world. 

Isn’t it true for all of us? Haven’t our darkest times inspired the greatest leaders? It inspires hatred as well, but those that hate become warped by it. Inspiration should introduce us to our best self, not our worst. I am inspired now because if I wasn’t I would be very depressed. In fact , sometimes both in the same moment.

Get inspired by any positive means necessary. Get in shape. Begin to sew, learn a new language. Get inspired because the world needs you right now. Act from there, calm determined and politically active. You can be strong and still model a different approach than hating. Get inspired, and act strongly in the world. It is not about enjoying your life and ignoring what is going on. It is about becoming your best self, inspired, and acting from there.

Drake PoweComment