Make It Look Easy

Life knocks you down at different points in the journey. No matter how strong you are, it wears you out. However if we are committed to a gentle discipline we find the space to flow. When committed to inhabiting  each moment our lives become a dance.

This is what the greats do. Michael Jordan, Picasso. You name it. Martin Luther King. It doesn't matter what the field, the greats make doing what they do look easy. Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. The grace with which they create is beauty that appears easy.

Of course is not easy to achieve, but grace appears effortless in it’s application.. Genius flows through us, it does not comes from us. No matter how great the accomplishment genius comes from somewhere else. Success can bring popularity, but not happiness. However, living in the moment is it’s own reward.

So make life look easy. You are here to make living a work of art. Do it. You do not have to sweat it. Life does not have to be so hard. Be the opposite. Live as though it were easy, like dancing or making love. You were born to be you. Look for progress, not perfection. Make it look easy.

Drake PoweComment