The Universe

Sitting where you are, imagine a picture taken from the ceiling just above you.

Now see the house in which you sit, as though a helicopter were taking the picture.

Further up, see an aerial view of the city you live in, street lights on.

Further still, see the country, and the ocean surrounding it. 

Still higher, look at the whole earth. Beautiful, miraculous. 

Continue further and see the sun blazing. 

Travelling on, seeing Jupiter and looking back at the whole solar system.

Continue, and see the galaxy, huge and wonderful. But don’t stop there. Keep going. 

See our galaxy, small and insignificant, one of millions. 

Each galaxy like a single grain of sand.

Trillions of stars and planets.

All of it inside of you. Going back home.

Toward the Milky Way, it is growing larger now.

Back toward our solar system, the sun growing large again,

Past Jupiter, and finally seeing the beauty of our shared planet,

Back further still to your house, your home, your body.

All inside of you.

Drake PoweComment