Little things make big differences. We imagine that we must make major changes to get major results, but it is not always true. If we make small changes consistently over time we will become more than we ever imagined. It is so easy to do, which makes it very hard to accomplish.

Consistency is the key. Day after day we must activate and enliven our commitment to grounding, to calming. By focusing on a specific goal, like the days, we can access a level of intent that makes us more powerful in daily life. A person with a powerful intent moves through the world differently. Our minds are more resilient, and confidence grows.

What is intent? An example in my life is that I am going to feed my daughter today. I am not hoping I will feed her. I will feed her. This is intent. It is a sense of commitment and faith that is beyond words. In the end, it is a faith in ourselves, our resourcefulness and the importance of the mission that needs to be accomplished.

We can build our ability to intend. Slowly, with kindness, we build little by little, day by day. In the course of the 40 day practice it is important to not progress too quickly. If we do, we can experience a rebound effect - like doing a crash diet, and then gaining all the weight back, and more. It is why we choose to build gradually day by day and week by week until we complete the 40 days.

Drake PoweComment