A Unique Challenge

This is certainly an interesting time. We are facing one of our most challenging periods. Make no mistake, this is the time of our lives. Be optimistic. Often we do not have just a desired outcome, but a desired way we want the outcome to manifest. Do not be stuck on the way good will come. Simply know that it is coming.

There is a tendency to have a strong feeling against possible life paths. Remember that the direction we have the most intense emotion is drawn to us. We steer toward our fears. There must be unconditional love for our lives. It is fine to have something we want to happen, but  we must release the fear of what we do not want to happen. We will find our way.

Have faith in us and the nobility of  humanity. We are more than this. We can do what we know is right, setting limits without hating. We are champions, and the measure of any champion is adversity. This is our time. Slow down. Relax. Breathe. Believe. Do not look. See. Your life is as much a miracle as any star. 

This is not just happening to you. Many will succumb to the attraction of negativity. Do not let it capture you. We can become our best. This is our unique challenge. Be present, and focus on what you want, not on what you fear.

Drake PoweComment