Why In The World Are We Here?

What are you here for? What are you working to accomplish and why? Is your focus positive, simply because it is for you? Consider life as a modern mystic, seeing things that others miss. Consider the never ending search for beauty. Not a beauty that ignores the ugliness of the world, but transforms it. 

This is truly a mystic path. Like the alchemists of old we turn lead into gold, and devastation into triumph. Like the Buddhists we see the lotus flower that stands radiant in the muck. This is the time to connect with beauty no matter how ugly the situation is. 

Don’t get twisted, if you forget what you are really about, you find a drive for greed, domination and exploitation. There is always the exploitation of what is not respected, not seen or listened to. This is what we are about when we live in a fractured reality. Us vs them. 

Why are we here? John Lennon said “surely not to live in pain and fear.”  Be kind and compassionate. Commit to joyfulness, not happiness. Focus on positive indifference.  Step up now, today. Do not ignore what is going on. Do something about what you see, but do not let it block your light. The sun is our heart. We all shine on!

Drake PoweComment