The Ocean

You are swimming in the ocean. Suddenly you are pounded into the deep by an unexpected wave. You are driven deeper and tossed about as only God, or Nature, or what some call Fate can do. 

In the moments to come you must act. If you begin to swim too quickly, you may well go down instead of up. It is worth taking a moment to calm, to ground yourself within yourself. Even now you can relax and notice. Where are the bubbles? Insignificant details lead the way.

Life is like this. The challenges are often profound and seemingly come from nowhere.They can feel crushing and are disorienting. Have no doubt. You will make it. Be calm. Be cool. Breathe. Be the boss you are and act.

Do not let tumultuousness of the outer world convince you to create a chaotic inner. Let it have the opposite effect. In calm, find calm. Be calm. It is the center of your being. Like attracts like and the calm of your inner world will create calm in the outer. 

Drake PoweComment