Imagine a gigantic piece of tapestry. Elaborate, requiring a great deal of focus and time to take it in. Certain areas of the piece may depict very different stories, and yet as one whole it is integrated into a central theme. You may like certain aspects and not others. 

You know that when you point in judgement at the fabric of the tapestry that your assessment of any element is an assessment of the whole. If you point and say you do not like certain areas you are saying that you do not like the tapestry.

This is what we do when we judge elements in the “outer” world. When you are filled with judgement or hatred for a group or individual you are in reality judging yourself. All that you see are the constituent parts of your own life. Your life is all that happens from birth until death. Anything that happens in that span is part of your life. 

Life is a tapestry. Appreciate it. Enjoy it for the amazing piece of art that it is. Do not forget that even those elements that you are strongly opposed to are also part of what makes you up. Create change, setting limits without hatred. Focus on the tapestry as a whole and come into union with your own life. 

Drake PoweComment