Escape Velocity 

Escape velocity is the minimum level of momentum an object must have to escape the gravitational field of a planet. It reminds me of the videos we have seen of rockets, with the power and drive to lift the space shuttle away from earth, requiring an extremely directed and urgent level of commitment. When choosing to shoot a rocket into space with singular focus and determination, we give everything we have in a specifically directed and sustained effort.

If you see two men fighting, they are not on opposite sides. They have the same view of the world:  us against them. It is essentially the ancient human view of reality; tribalism. This is the object, the 'planet' that we must free ourselves from.  We must have the commitment - not over time, but right now - to create the velocity to free ourselves from the us against them mentality, even as we see and experience intolerance.

All factors convince a delusional person they are right in their view. Any frontal argument simply entrenches them. The person who is more rational always has more responsibility. The irrational do not really listen. The ability to really hear what the other person has to say is also our ability to escape any sort of supremacy we may be trapped in.

You can do it right now. Choose to live in a world of kindness. It shines from inside out. If you find yourself spending much of your time in judgment and hatred your mind is caught in the fever of human separateness. Like it or not, the truth is that we are one family - the human family. We do not hate natural disasters, or epidemics, and we do not have to hate each other. Let’s leave tribalism behind. It all starts with just one person. You.

Drake PoweComment