Being Powerful

In this last week of this 40 day challenge I would ask you to take on the mission of focusing your energy where you are powerful. This is the key to success. What are your strengths, and where can you have a positive and powerful impact? Realizing that you have a finite amount of energy, where can you focus this energy?

Our society is telling us that our greatest power is in our opinion, and specifically in our opinion of others. I would suggest that this is not true. Our power lies in our ability to listen intently, control our attention, and to focus on what we do and not what we are receiving .Often being stuck in opinion is actually depressing. Do not split your power through judgement. The judging mind is fractured and lives in a world of conflict.

In the last week of the 40 day challenge focus on output, on what you do. Take a break from judging the actions of others and commit yourself to putting energy toward a romantic life, one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Your life as art. Live the life of a person you would admire.

If you put consistent energy toward the practices that make you feel good about yourself you will see results. However do not make the result your main goal. The goal should be in being consistent with what you do. Focus on your output, and not any thing that could be considered a result. Not even in your emotions. Just focus on doing calming , grounding practice combined with enthusiastically working for your goals. You doing and being your best is all you need. The rest will take care of itself.

Drake PoweComment