Focus On Where You Want To Go

Everywhere we go we find an effort to stimulate our fear. It is in the news and in entertainment. It is in our political arena, as every candidate attempts to build a constituency by creating fear of what the other candidate will do. It is even in our friends and loved ones as they tease us about getting old.

Sometimes this is done in an innocent fashion. Other times it isn’t so. The stimulation of fear creates a dynamic in which others can feed off of us as an energy vampire. In a subconscious way, those that stimulate this fear feed on us like a mosquito. 

Fear is about where we do not want to go. We must focus on where we want to go. If you want to go to Chicago, you do it by focusing on Chicago -- not everywhere else.  Fear certainly has its place but it is meant to be a condiment, not a meal. It exists to warn us, not to become our method of living. 

You are more powerful than you know and far bigger than you imagine. The universe is your body, and even those who would feed off your energy are inside of you. Become who you really are, with the ability to change the entire world, and stride forth like a colossus.

Drake PoweComment