A Tightly Thatched Roof

My coaching model exists in the building of the structure we will live in. It has three rooms, with passion being the base. The rooms consist of three different focuses. Each is crucial. Each room blends with the other, separate, and yet each reinforcing the other.

The first and most important space is found in building a passion for being in the moment. A passion to experience each moment of your life, exactly as it is, without varnish, a clear representation of your life right now. 

The second room is the passion for your passion. What is your passion? What are you a nerd about? Is it doing art? Painting? Writing? Playing music? What do you love to do? Garden? Or is some long ago left behind pastime that can be reinvigorated? The passion for your passion is the second room.

The third room is the passion to serve. We are meant to serve. Building the fire to serve, recognizing it as a mystical application. Seeing this mysticism alive wherever you serve. Serving your children, your parents. Serving at work, or in play. Seeing and acting on those possibilities of service in everyday life. Serving pedestrians, or other drivers. Serving those that do not have a voice by being involved in social justice. Being open as to what it means to serve. 

When done well, we find each of the passions flowing into each other. The passion to be present finds us taking part in our passion for art. Our art becomes part of our service. Our service becomes so profound that in each moment of our true presence we are serving.

When we are passionate we are also attractive. Passion is a fire that warms and creates joy. We keep this fire burning by protecting it from the elements. This is done with a tightly thatched roof. This roof is represented by kindness.

Kindness is the litmus test. First we must not assume that we know what it means to be kind. What does the word really mean? We explore the essence of kindness and how it benefits our lives. It is called a thatched roof, because although it protects us from the elements of modern judgmental society, it requires daily care and commitment. Every day we repair the thatching. It protects us with the same level of energy that we have put into it. Build your home today, Do not forget the roof!

Drake PoweComment