Ending It Well

Time is instantaneous. It feels as though we are going through it in a linear fashion, and we are, but we are also experiencing it in a very different way. Part of us exists outside of time, experiencing life as a whole, and not in the small bites moment to moment. 

This part of ourselves deals with the passage of time in a different way.. We know that time is not the constant it appears to be. It flows in a different way when in the gravitational pull of a black hole. It also flows differently for the part of ourselves outside of time. For this part, and it is the deepest part of who we are, our life goes by in a flash. We are being born and dying in the same moment. 

This is the reason for urgency in our practice. We know that we do not have time to waste. You live the way you die, and die the way you live.  Living with the urgency of our last day gives the strength to live as we would really choose. Are you satisfied with the life you are living? Today is the day to ask this question. 

When we bring this power to our lives we find we are stronger than we could imagine. We have the capability of balancing the challenges of life. We can shift our environment if we are willing to balance the chaos of the world with a commitment to groundedness. Bob Marley said “once a man and twice a child, and everything is just for a while.”Our lives are just a moment in time. How we live matters. 

Drake PoweComment