Earnestness: A Framing For Week 3

When you buy a gift for the holidays, once you order it, you feel the relief of having your shopping done. You do not need to have it yet. Once you order it, it is all good. When others speak of the anxiety of having not done their shopping, you can draw on the credit of your action to experience calm.

The same thing occurs in the intention of creating a lifelong mindfulness practice. We experience a developing equanimity and awareness. Truly attending to the moment informs our actions. It is not about hiding in the present, but acting appropriately. Don”t you appreciate it when the driver is paying attention?. It all happens right now when we commit in earnestness. 

We can not put it off. It has to be  right now. See details. Breathe more fully  Witness your experience. Synchronicity happens all the time, but we are too preoccupied to notice.  See and experience flow. It helps to have a more active awareness of intuition, and greater clarity in doing what feels right. 

We have the key. It unlocks the door of our constant doubt, and connects us with the ability to be more honest with ourselves. Am I living from my deepest values? It is not about being perfect. In fact it is really about being patient. We can wait calmly for our gift to arrive. All we have to do is be present and do what is best right now. You can only be earnest in the moment. Right now.

Drake PoweComment