The Further Adventures And Developing Powers Of Middle Aged Man

Today is my 55th Birthday. I woke, took a shower, and looked at myself in the mirror. I had to laugh. I do not think the 18 year old me would be happy with the image, and yet it is beautiful. I am a superhero, Middle Aged Man.  

Often I will compare my body to the statue of David. There is usually someone in my class who will laugh out loud. However it is true. I have never been more myself than I am right now. The power I am coming into as a is the realization that my life is perfect, just as it is. 

I cannot run very much any more. I like to think of my body as a classic automobile. A 1964 Corvette. Not a Gremlin. A Corvette that a foolish young person use to own. I have scars, and the residue of living in a world charged with hatred. However I also know that no one person is at fault, and no one person is the cause of what we face. I also know that one person can make a difference. 

Love Always. Love All Ways. This phrase really means positive indifference and unconditional love. These are the superpowers that are developing in me. There is always drama with humans, even super ones. Thank you for reading these posts. You were born for this time. We are all superheroes. 

Drake Powe2 Comments