Do What You Ought To Do Today

 It is getting late.  Time is moving faster with each day.  It is easy to feel the insecurity of age and the passing of opportunity.  All you have to do is ring the bell;  step right up.  This is the time;  the time of your life.  Keep on moving.  Do what you ought to do today.

It only takes this day.  If you act with conviction today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  It is about making the commitment to act today with the full faith that is part of the flow.  It is not the future challenge that is keeping you from your greatness;  it is the lack of movement today.  Today you find the Gordian Knot;  strike true.

Pay attention today.  Feel the flow.  Find the subtle.  In doing so you will discover what you need to do.  You know what it is.  Follow, do not resist your path.  Live to serve your life, not to be served by it.

It is getting late.  Time is instantaneous, and this is the moment of truth.  Ring the bell.  Be who you were born to be.  Do what you ought to do today.

Drake PoweComment