Overcoming Grievances and Living a Peaceful Life

There are two ways of looking at the world—through the lense of grievance and that of wholeness. Both options are not in conflict, though those caught in grievance would likely see it this way.

To have a grievance is to be angry, to feel misused and to feel that some redress is justified. This strategy is designed to provide us with that which we feel we need. It is a way that never satisfies itself. This cycle, once it is embarked on, is difficult to end. No one ever hears the person with a grievance satifisied and they are never the happy person in the room.  

Instead, the power lies in the ability to see with the eyes of wholeness, to see oneself as complete and powerful in one's own life. Wholeness needs no back flips of justification for its acts and this choice brings with it calm.

By accepting wholeness, you welcome a new beginning of calm, untrapped by the past and needs no illusions for it’s continuation. It is important to remember that one single person is not responsible. The entire human consciousness is caught up in this hellish vision of endless conflict.

We each lose ourselves and at times there is fire, a process of unconsciousness. As a result, we must train ourselves to be aware when we feel that presences of justified grievance. It is not to say we will not set limits but to do so with awareness.

The choice is yours. You (for the benefit of your own life) have the power to live in a world of endless conflict or in one of wholeness where peace is your home. If you’re interested in learning more about this possibility, please don’t hesitate to contact me.