It is Crystal Clear



I love looking into extremely clear water. When you look down, even a great distance seems close. It is beautiful to see the world through the clarity of clear water. The moment is much the same. So wonderful, when seen clearly without all of the muck of our entertainment


Entertainment is all the muck we throw in front of our mind’s eye, the drama we occupy ourselves with to avoid viewing the clarity of the infinite moment, and the shear realization that we fear what we see. It is a mirror and we see ourselves, eternal, as fleeting as the last second. When we step into vision wholeheartedly, we are taken on an adventure, experience wonders, and intuitively know what to do.


Our other option is to entertain -- to pass the time like a lifer in prison-- attempting to make the hours fly by. They do fly by. This life is instantaneous but we are not relieved, for in the end we still deal with the eternal moment, and when it arrives we are also stuck in the hell of fear, of guilt, and of recrimination.


So much the better is the intention, today, to look into the clarity of the present. So present that you may have a visceral memory of friends long past and be transported there -- to have those past truly come alive. Or the beauty of a bright spring day. Even the heartache of watching children play on the day of a funeral. Even grief fills us up when we are present. It becomes a bottomless pit when we attempt to hide.  


This moment is crystal clear. It is whatever this moment is. To become crystal clear is to become whole -- an embodiment of unconditional love. With unconditional love we realize we were home the whole time.


Drake PoweComment