The Pillars of Creation

Imagine walking toward someone on a long stretch of road. At first you cannot see much, but

as you move closer, details about the person begin to emerge. You can see that they are the

same gender and race as you. As you move closer still you see that they are about your

build. Closer still and you realize it is you!

This is kind of how it goes as we begin to become more calm. Not dissociated, but calmly

present. Details about who we are emerge, and who we are becoming. There is a sweetness to

becoming more yourself. As you do, your creativity flowers and your mission in life is clarified.

I do not mind the delusional as long as delusion makes a person kinder and more respectful as they

move through the world. If the way I perceive the world is a form of madness, than I will make

the best of it. It is my perception that when we each live with courage and do what we have

been given to do in our heart we will make a difference in the world. With great power comes

great responsibility. Response-ability. The ability to respond. You are powerful.

The universe rests on the shoulders of each of us. Whatever you do, working in a daycare,

commercial fisherman, firefighter, police, fry cook - whatever - shine into the work. Radiate your heart

power and shine. If we act with greatness, greatness won’t be an act. Let the negative inspire

you to be your best and make this world what it can be. Each of us is a pillar that the good rests

on, and none of the pillars is more important than you.

Drake PoweComment