The Edge

We all have a edge in all that we do. It manifests itself in many different ways. We have an edge in relationship - a point in any relationship that is as far as we can go. We have an edge physically - the limit of our endurance. We fear our edge, and with it hide our insecurities. While it is not what we want it to is what it is.

If we burst through our edge we have contraction, injury, and loss of capability. If we do not touch our edge - if we live to avoid it - we begin to get too comfortable, and we go to sleep - we again have loss of capability.

Our relationship to our edge is where we hold nervous energy and our tension. It is also what we avoid. We can even be titillated by it - avoiding it while being continuously focused on it at the same time.

Touching the edge is where we find our courage, calm, and our mission in life. The edge is our source of genius and artistic creativity. It teaches us to respect it. We can shift it through intent. We can focus on another aspect...the edge in the study of how to calm ourselves. The new focus becomes the study of calm, and the feeling that things will be ok. Breathing into the edge we find our power.

Drake Powe1 Comment