An Olympic Athlete

As an athlete prepares for the Olympics, gradually he or she becomes more focused on the task. No matter where they go or what they do, in the back of their mind there exists this extremely important mission. It grounds them and makes decisions clearer.

This can also happen when we have a goal and feel that time is running out. We have a health scare, or we are growing older and know that now is the time to go for our dreams. Having this kind of focus, like that of an Olympic athlete, we are able to feel our priorities. With nine days left in this 40 day practice we are doing together, consider making developing your ability to calm yourself your Olympics. For the remainder of this practice together, commit to improving your relationship to stress.

We know that our gut affects our stress level as well as depression and anxiety so we eat toward our digestion. Letting go of what we are holding onto is not just about letting go of the past, but also focusing in helping our body with elimination. Making sure we keep moving, making sure we study and do grounding practice and connecting in community are all crucial elements. Touching the edge of what we fear, and acting with kindness are all key.

In the remainder of this time focused in becoming the master of our own inner world, doing practice even when we do not feel like it. As we master the inner world, the outer will change. This is more important than any Olympic victory.

Drake Powe1 Comment