If you expect an irrational person to know that they are irrational, then you are irrational. When you are irrational and expect yourself to know the limits of your irrationality, you are truly irrational indeed. Do not assume that you are the rational one.

No matter how much you believe what you believe, what you own is your perception, not an irrefutable truth. Knowing this helps us to let others own their own perception. Living this way is part of the antidote for any and every kind of assumed supremacy.

If you have a dog that poops in the house 4-5 times a week, you should never be shocked to find a mess. Humans are going to be human. The average person in any environment is going to do what the average person there is doing. We have to choose to be unique - one-of-a-kind. One who is kind.

We need each other. When walking out of a bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of your pants, it is a blessing to be told right away, and can save you from playing the fool. Supremacy of any kind is foolish. Each culture and every person has unique access to genius. Especially you - because you are the hero of this play.

Drake PoweComment